Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I've apparently not been in much of a writing mood lately. I'm pretty sure it's because 1) so much is happening right now, and 2) some of it isn't for public consumption yet (nothing too much that's bad, in fact it's mostly very, very good...I'm just not ready to share with everyone on the web yet).

But in the "so much is happening" department, I started my new job officially today. I am no longer unemployed (although I'm still uninsured until the first of April)! I'm now the Assistant to the Minister of Worship and Music at my church. So far it's been _really_ exciting. Especially since this week the youth are in charge of the services. :) But it'll be a good job for me - mostly low stress - as I focus on school.

School's still going great (although I'm _still_ not officially registered...any day now, they keep telling me). I really love the classes I'm taking, even though they're a lot of work.

I've had a cold for the past three weeks. For the first time in my life, I literally lost my voice. It's mostly back now, although I still have a really sore throat, especially at night. I went to the doctor a week and a half ago (despite my uninsured condition) and they said it wasn't strep. I'd rather not have to go back, so I'm really hoping this'll go away soon. I've made improvements though - I finally didn't need Nyquil last night and today was the first pain-killer-free (and more importantly, pain-free) day (for the last week or so, someone has been stabbing an ice pick into my right sinus...pretty much 24/7). Now I just have to get to the point where my throat doesn't hurt so much that I can't sleep. But drugs are my friend. :)

I've also helped start a new Sunday School class at my church. It's for "older" singles. The church has a great group of folks who are in college or are college-aged, but it hasn't had anything specific for folks who are post-college in a long time. I finally got fed up with it and started my own class. We only had three people on Sunday (including myself), but that'll change as people transition out of other classes and once I actually call people and invite them to come. :) It was my first time teaching adults though. Apparently, for someone who knows me relatively well, it was obvious that I was nervous, but I did alright. We're studying "The Gospel of Jesus Christ According to Mark." I'm going from notes that I took as we studied Mark in Amman...so hopefully the whole "discussion" idea will catch on by the time we get to the point where I came back to the States and my notes end (chapter 8). :)

But between a new job and another new massive time-sink, I'm struggling a little bit with keeping up on my course work. It's mostly just that I'm not having the time to do all of the extra things I was doing before, so I feel like I'm falling behind. I'm also not getting to watch as much Buck Rogers or play as much CivIII which leaves a big hole in my life. ;p

But...ok....I can't keep it a complete secret...the new massive time-sink is a VeryNiceBoy. :) That's his name. And he's nice. And I like him. And, wonder of wonders, he likes me too! At the same time! And he's willing to admit it! (And no, he's not "Mystery Date.") He even lives nearby!

There's probably a place that's typically very warm which is enduring a cold spell at the words mentioned above.

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WOOOO! You go, "Veryniceboy" (headshake) hehe...

just an excuse to do the headshake again... :)