Monday, July 31, 2006

Happiness Is...

- being able to stay in bed until 3PM on Saturday
- not feeling sick 24/7
- actually feeling _good_ (i.e., normal) some of the day most days
- buying adorable maternity clothes
- being surprised when VNB picks out a sexy "hot, pregnant mamma" dress for you to wear on a date five months in the future
- owning pants that can be buttoned without discomfort
- getting to _wear_ adorable (and comfortable!) maternity clothes!
- being at work without fear of popping out of your shirts (even with a tank underneath, that's still embarassing), or people seeing your unbuttoned pants
- knowing that in six months, I won't have to commute to an office every day!
- icee pops

1 comment:

scot toler said...

what? still no pics of your physical transformation?don't be so selfish :)