Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I (Don't) Vant to Suck Your Blood

So I wasn't sure when I came back from Iraq if I could give blood (like I had pretty regularly prior to going). I had to get the malaria vaccine prior to going though, so I figured it was a pretty sure bet that they wouldn't take my blood. Since they didn't have my address or phone number anymore when I got back, they didn't call, so I didn't try.

But after I'd been at least out of Iraq for a year (although I'd been in Jordan that time a year previously), VNB was going, so I tagged along. Turns out, they wouldnt have taken my Iraqi-tainted blood, although my Jordanian-tainted blood was ok. But then I remembered that I'd just gotten back from three weeks in Nigeria. So it was another year (ending August 21, 2006) before I'd be eligible again.

Fast forward to now. There's no donation center anywhere near my work, so I wasn't really stressing about it too much...but then the building decided to organize a blood drive. Easy, convenient, close...but I wondered if I'd be eligible while pregnant, so before I signed up, I checked out their website.

You guessed it: nope. Come back six weeks after the baby's born.

Now, I gave like two days before either going to orientation or going overseas, but it'll still be February-April of 2003 since I've given blood and March of 2007 before I'm eligible again. Four years of them refusing my blood.

And I'm O+ - not universal, but the next best thing. And it's not at all that I begrudge the Baby my blood or anything...I guess I'm just wondering what I'm being protected from or supposed to learn by not being able to give blood for so long.

And I'm kinda upset because I was hoping to catch up to my dad someday (who's on like his fourth or fifth gallon by now), but a four-year hiatus won't help with that much (neither will the fact that they consistently forget to mark my card).

Anyway...they don't want me, and I feel rejected. Somebody who wouldn't have otherwise given needs to go out and give in my place since I can't.


Anonymous said...

Um, I've never been able to give blood and may never be able to .. they don't think I'm substantive enough (there is a weight minimum) to have extra blood. Welcome to the world of the Red Cross-rejected!

- Valentina's buddy

Leia said...

My little sister's goal in life right now is to weigh enough to give blood. She wavers just over 100, but I think is my same height (or really close to it).

You're a couple of inches shorter, and at least as small-boned as she is, so it makes sense.

Of course, now all of the body issues I didn't have in high school are showing up since I've been weight-eligible since then.

Not only am I a fatty now, I was then too!!! ;p

- Leia

Anonymous said...

Some of us are on the Red Cross' 'do not give registry' for having lived in Europe for more than 6 months... then to think that I was willing to give blood despite my needle phobia...

Ginny said...

Need an update! Need an update!