Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Food Fight!

So AJ's been kinda fussy lately (fussing during the day, not sleeping at night, etc.) and I've been feeling rather emptied, especially by the evening, plus he met most of the requirements listed on BabyCenter.com before you should feed your kid solid food, so we decided to try "solid" food for the first time last night.

Our pediatrician had said that we should start with orange veggies (carrots, yams, squash), then progress to green veggies (green beans, avocado, etc.), then fruits (bananas, apples, etc.), and _then_ to cereals (apparently this stimulates fewer food allergies than the other way around). Since he's been happily gnawing on frozen baby carrots as teething "rings" for a month or two now, we were pretty sure he'd like the carrots, so that's what we started with.

We put him in his bouncy chair, rolled up his sleeves, put a bib on him, and VNB gave him his first spoonful. He proceeded to get it all over his face (of course), but very quickly caught on to opening, slurping, and swallowing. By the end of the jar (yes, he ate the whole thing), he was reaching for VNB's hand and guiding the spoon into his mouth. No I'm not exaggerating even a little.

When the jar was empty, he literally screamed for more. I think he might like the carrots, what do you think?

He hasn't 'eliminated' the jar yet, so we may hold off on the next one until he does (don't want to stop him up too badly), but when he eats again, we'll definitely get video for you to enjoy.

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