Monday, February 23, 2009

Through No Fault Of My Own

So today, at approximately 2PM, I put Joanna down for a nap. Why is this important, you ask? For two reasons:

  1. Until he was well into solid foods, we never put AJ _DOWN_ for a nap. Very occasionally he'd sleep in his bouncy chair and sometimes I was able to remove the off-brand Boppy from my midsection with him still on top of it and place it someplace other than my lap (which occasionally led to him sliding off the bed, but that's another story), but mostly he had to be attached to me and being held. It continues to amaze me that some babies (like my sweet Jo-Jo) will just fall asleep with little-to-no fuss. And then after falling asleep, will actually allow you to transfer them to someplace other than your arms - like their bed. And then will sleep there for longer than 5 minutes! It's amazing...and a HUGE blessing! My arms feel so empty when I put her down...but at the same time, it feels so freeing! A baby that you can put down! Woohoo!
  2. AJ's nap starts at 1 and ends at 3 or whenever after 3 he wakes up.

So I, through no fault of my own, managed most of an hour without "having" to hold a baby (or listen to one whine or scream). What did I do with this blessed time? I baked cookies. How domestic is that? They're even edible! Which is really good since they're meant (mostly) for a friend of mine who just started a second round of chemo last Friday. Well, cookies and a "Lentil Casserole" that I made earlier today.

But back to the point, I have achieved the mythical nap coordination! Babies that not only sleep, but sleep at the same time! It's mommy nirvana!


Katie said...

AJ was so adorable when I took care of him on Sunday. He just kept running in circles and laughing hoping that some other kid would chase him. It was perfect! Didn't have to worry about him long as I could see him, he was safe, and he was laughing. I hope Jo-Jo is just like him in that instance. :-)

Ms. Latina on a Mission said...

So happy for you! I was getting excited for you while reading this post LOL All the best for you and yours, as well as your friend