Thursday, May 21, 2009

Turning, Turning, Turning Through the Years...

This happened the night before Easter. She's wearing the Tigger outfit because I was meeting the family at a restaurant for dinner after Amplified that night and when Daddy asked AJ what the baby should wear, this was what he picked. AJ was also wearing his Tigger hoodie. Apparently Tigger's _not_ the only one.

Anyway, so when we got home, she was playing on her little play mat. On her back. A few minutes later, this video was taken.

Now she's a little roly-poly. You put her down on her back, look away for 2 seconds, look back and she's halfway across the room, having cleared multiple obstacles to get there. But it only happens when you're not looking. You look away again and she's on the other side of the room, AJ's latest drawing is scraps of pulp, and her face, hands, and clothes are smeared with "safe, non-toxic" "washable" markers. Look away again and you find her under the dining room table, ticked off because she can't get the whole table leg into her mouth.

AJ enjoys sitting on the quilt under her play mat as she lies there, batting at toys and trying desperately to fit a beach ball in her mouth. Then, when she touches him, he screams like a banshee, and tells her "No no, Baby! No touch AJ." He doesn't seem to get that he's in _her_ space. I think he just sees it as an opportunity to boss someone around like he's bossed around so frequently. He similarly likes telling the cat "no no" for non-crimes like walking across the room.

Anyway, the video's not so exciting, but it is actual footage of her actual first successful complete roll from back to belly. Or at least the wiggling on the belly part post-roll.

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