Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oh Yeah!

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks, as I said before. But I forgot a couple of other good (and exciting) things. A) Joanna cut her second tooth yesterday! She's also been sleeping now for almost two hours. Kinda spooky and annoying when she does that. Especially when it means that she probably won't take her afternoon nap when AJ takes his. Bother. Oh....awake now. Still not gonna be ready for another nap in an hour though. :(

Anyway....and 2) VNB essentially got promoted! He'll be moving to a larger branch, closer to home, and will now have a staff to oversee! We haven't heard the specifics on salary yet, but he will be salaried instead of hourly like before (which cuts down on his stress). He'll also be getting a company phone. They're going to try to keep his phone number the same, but that's essentially a pay raise as long as switching to just me on our plan doesn't wildly raise our rate or something crazy. He starts at the new place the Tuesday after Labor Day and is rather stressed in the meantime trying to get his current place ready to do without him.

Oh, and in a couple of days, we're gonna pay off VNB's college loans, leaving only my college loans and our mortgage as our family debt! One step closer to losing that monkey! We'll dump all we've been putting into his loans into mine after this month and hope to pay mine off in the next year or so. After that, we'll build the down payment fund back up again and take advantage of another thing that VNB's new job allows for us - we can expand our search for a home into less pricey areas that were just too far away from his current store! there you, as usual, is good. :) Even when it's not perfect, it's still very good and we are very blessed!

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Stroba said...

Congrats to VNB on the promotion! And the debt snowball prevails again! Woo hoo! Cousin Steph