Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

For those of our loved ones who weren't with us this morning, here are a few pictures/videos of the kids this morning with their Christmas goodies.

AJ's "haul" - don't worry - he's sitting down!

AJ opening a gift

"Nooooooooo! Don't make me show off my new duds!"

Learning to unwrap

Learning to unwrap some more!

Not quite sure what it is

"Where's the baby?"

Cutest picture of all time

AJ opening a gift. One of these days I'll learn not to turn the camera. Or they'll build a camera that automatically adjusts or something.

Joanna opening a gift

Joanna's pretty bow

Tidmouth Sheds

AJ "driving" a MarioKart on Auntie's Wii

1 comment:

CaptainConundrum said...

Gotta love the "not quite sure what it is" pic. ROFL! And yes, that is the cutest picture of all time, probably because it contains the cutest baby of all time. Just guessing here... ;)