Monday, April 26, 2010

Fooled You!

So there for a while, I was posting almost _regularly_!  Bet you though I was gonna keep it up, didn't you?

Fooled you!

Just's been super busy these past few weeks.  Really, I'll get back to posting here shortly.  I've got at least one book review that's overdue, another one due soon, one more "deep pondering" that's been percolating for a while (having to do, ironically, with book reviewing), and some fun stuff from the kids.

On a funny note, I had that "Fooled You!" quote in my head.  I knew it was a quote from a favorite movie, and I could picture the actor's lips (and hear his voice) as he was saying it....but it's taken me like half an hour to remember which movie it was from (Dark Helmet says it in Spaceballs).  Now I have visions of Rick
Moranis' lips stuck in my head.  Nice.

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