Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MommyBee Designs

Ever since I was pregnant with AJ, I've been horrified quite frequently as I perused the offerings in many children's clothing stores.  Bibs that said "Brat," shirts that said "Diva," items that proclaimed loud and proud how the CHILD was the one in charge!  This glorification of poor and disrespectful behavior in children is something that has long troubled (and at times sickened) me.  For the past several years, I've been saying how someone needs to create a clothing line that glorifies GOOD behavior, RESPECTFUL behavior, APPROPRIATE behavior in children.

After no one took my idea and ran with it, I finally came up with some designs myself.  Thanks to the internetz, creating, selling, and distributing custom clothing is easy!  Because of all of that, MommyBee Designs is now open for business both at CafePress and at Zazzle.  The shirt designs are the same in both places, but the colors, sizes, shirt types, and prices vary a little between the two.

Our "Learning to bee" line glorifies things like "Learning to bee obedient" or "Learning to bee respectful."  Each shirt includes an applicable Bible verse.

In the "Other" category are designs like "Unexpected Blessing," and "My PARENTS are the BOSS of me!"  (Also with applicable Scriptures included.)

I'd love it if you'd share this, buy a few, post about this someplace, buy a few, tell a few friends about it, and perhaps buy a few.

If you're someone big in the blogging world and would like to offer a giveaway of some sort, I'm VERY happy to oblige!

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Ken Hagerman(The Barba) said...

Hey Melissa I saw your comment on the Church of No People blog today, cool. I noticed that you're a Booksneeze person. My wife is too. She is the Hammock Librarian on Facebook and a blog by that name too. In reading this blog post it looks like you feel the same way as we do about the clothing. Anyway I just wanted to drop you a line and say I appreciate your comments on Matt's blog today. Since this is moderated i thought you could just delete it like an email so to speak. Be Blessed Ken Hagerman and whatever other self promotion I can think of... Haha