Monday, June 28, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello! Well, it's only 1:30 here and I've already had one of the best birthdays ever!! I ordered my airplane tickets through Expedia about two months ago and had them sent to an APO address that I've been allowed to use (they would only issue paper tickets). I expected that it would take a long time (hence the ordering mega-early), but I hadn't gotten them yet, so I emailed the mail clerk yesterday hoping against hope that just maybe the tickets (and several other boxes which had been sent to me) had gotten here.

Well, not only were my plane tickets there, but so were five other boxes for me and one for my roommate Jaime!! What a birthday present!!

Not only that, but, SURPRISE!!! They transferred sovereignty two days early, so it's now Iraq's birthday too!

It's a good thing that my tickets made it too because I had somehow convinced myself that I was flying AirFrance when I'm actually flying British Air. If the tickets hadn't made it, I was going to spend a little time sweet-talking the AirFrance people into new tickets. They would have thought I was a little crazy since my reservation's not with them!

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