Friday, July 16, 2004


From the responses that I've gotten so far, mostly from people who know me pretty well, I've come to the conclusion that I didn't make my point as well as I thought I did.
You see, all of those insecurities that I confessed to all of you...well, I can't say with complete certainty that I'll never feel them again, but...I'm doing my best to put them in my past and live from now on without them.
I don't have to play or sing or whatever like those other people because He made me to play and sing exactly the way that He wants _me_ to.  I wasn't putting myself down, nor do I feel especially badly about myself at the moment.  I'm actually feeling rather triumphant that I've finally been able to confess at least this one weakness of mine.
So hopefully that clarifies things at least a little.
It appears that they've made it easier to add pictures, so I'm gonna try to add a few right now.  Enjoy!!

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