Monday, July 26, 2004


After over a month of being away, my cat, Monkey, just now wandered up the driveway to my parents' house!!!!  My mom says that she's thinner, but seems to be healthy!  I'd given up on her.

While we're talking kitties, Donna (a co-worker) found two baby kittens abandoned on the sidewalk today.  They don't even have their eyes completely open yet (so they're at most 2 weeks old).  Hope that they do well on the (human baby) formula that I bought for them and that they can grow up to be big, beautiful kitties.  I've raised kittens on my own before, but I had kitten-sized bottles and fake cat milk to give them.  So keep these babies in your thoughts as well!

It's really been a great day for me today...I finally got a fan for my desk.  Everyone else in the office has an AC unit in the room, but my desk is under the steps, so no AC and no breeze.  It's been mighty toasty.  But my wonderful roomie Jaime wrangled money from the company, kidnapped me, and "forced" me to buy a fan...which is now blowing very nicely across my desk.

Plus, while visiting Oom Dhoha again this afternoon, we spoke with her daughter (Dhoha) who has started an Iraqi NGO specifically for helping poor women start their own businesses - a project that one of our girls is working on as well.  And not only that, but Dhoha is working in Fedaliyah - one of "my" parts of town!!  And I can work with her, possibly!!

Also, for those of you who know about my "fork," things may be looking up a little, maybe.  I still have to talk to the powers that be, but all signs are positive at this time.  :)  Maybe obedience works after all.  ;p

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