Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Tennesseean

I just finished getting photographed for a story in Nashville's newspaper The Tennesseean. I was hoping for a hot, young (male) photographer...and I got most of my wish....all except the male part. Well, and she seemed like an attractive young lady to me, but guys may have different opinions as to her "hot"ness. it was a typical newspaper picture of me amidst my Iraqi memorabilia. And now I'm felling weepy. It was the maps that did me in. Stupid maps that I love. Well, and the pictures and all of the other stuff.

I miss it so much over there. Most of my WarEagle friends and other friends were coming back to wives and kids or grandkids (or they were bringing their families with them). Before I left, I lived 700 mi. from my family already. We talked _more_ while I was overseas than we did when I lived in the States. Maybe I'll feel less displaced when I'm back in MD with all of my friends. Maybe it would be different if Mara were still alive. I miss it all so much.

I just finished talking on the phone with the reporter too and now I'm teary again. It hurts to think about it. I want to go back there so badly.

So now I'm gonna distract myself by buying one last Christmas gift for my friends overseas and mailing the box to them.

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