Monday, November 29, 2004


So over the weekend, I looked at the classes I can take this semester and how much they'll cost. The two classes I'm leaning towards are Satellite Design and Space Human Factors and Life Support. Those look like relatively low-key classes that I'll be able to use to get me back up to speed. There are only two problems...both are night classes, which isn't a problem except that the Satellite Design class is on Wednesday nights. Which means that I won't be able to sing in the church choir until May...of course, if I'd stayed overseas my full term, I'd have been there until March and in TN with my family until at least May anyway, so I guess I'm not really getting back any later than planned (although I was looking forward to the Easter musical).

The other problem is the money. I remember it being expensive, but not this expensive. Two classes are gonna run me almost $5000 (including all mandatory fees, but not books). So I spent some of yesterday looking for scholarships for the first time since high school. It appears that I'm most eligible for scholarships where you write an essay. Here's hoping that all of my writing practice here on my blog will do me well. I wrote one this morning. The biggest problem with those is that most of them award in time for the fall semester, so it might help me next time around, but not this semester.

But it was really weird filling out this on-line application (that's a big change in and of itself since I was in high school - we were slightly past LOGOS on an Apple IIe then (remember him?), but not by much - way back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth). They wanted a list of my high school and college extra-curricular activities and awards. Like I remember all of that crap. All I remember is that it was a _REEEEEAAALLY_ long list. At least in high school. As a friend of mine said this morning, my extra-curriculars in college were pretty much the Lab (where I worked), and JM (my boyfriend during college), although not necessarily in that order. I played a good bit of volleyball too, but that was really very related both to the Lab and to JM.

Somehow I don't think a scholarship grantor will be impressed with an ex-boyfriend as my primary extra-curricular activity.

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