Saturday, November 06, 2004

Future Plans

I just realized that, not only had I not posted in a while, but I also hadn't shared my current plans for the future.

Well, the current plan involves me finishing up a few more things here, then after a week or so in Maryland, driving back to TN. I'll live in TN with my parents for a few months, hopefully working at this club in town called "Rocketown." It's a youth-oriented club founded by one of my favorite musicians, Michael W. Smith. Then, sometime in January, I'll come back to MD and will begin a year as a full-time grad student at University of Maryland, College Park. I'd been attending grad school part-time prior to moving overseas, so I'm still a student. I figure that this will be a good way for me to transition back into American life, and give me a year in which to figure out where I want to live and what I want to do. I heard from my graduate advisor yesterday that he doesn't have any research assisstant spots available for me right now, but that he's (as usual) got lots of proposals out waiting for funding, so it's possible that by the time classes come around, he might have something. Otherwise, I'll get a job someplace and pay for it all myself.

After that year, I don't know.

So that's the plan for now.


Anonymous said...

Rockettown, I believe, is also a song that MWS did, and was later redone by "Brave Saint Saturn", a band that was a side project for some of the members of the band "Five Iron Frenzy", which unfortunately, decided to call it quits last year.
This bit of trvia is brought to you from the great state of Maryland. :)

Leia said...

Indeed, the name Rocketown came from MWS' song of the same name. I didn't know that FIF broke up! See what happens when I leave the country!

When I get back to MD, I believe you've got a new little girl that I need to meet!

Anonymous said...

There most certainly is a "new" 16 month old little girl... I'll have to start working and see if we can get a "mel" out of her. :) maybe "miss"...
yeah - FIF broke up. a sad day, but at least I got to go see them in conert before they did.