Monday, November 15, 2004

Things That Make Me Go, "Mmmmmm..."

I went to Walmart with my mom last night and bought lost of stuff like new socks and undershirts. Everytime I go inot a store like that, I get kinda spooked. I get past it, but I still get kinda spooked.

So...the socks. I put on my first pair this morning...and they made me go, "mmmmmmm...." There's nothing in the world like new socks after wearing the same couple of pairs for 18 months.

There's also nothing in the world like a Mrs. Winner's chicken breakfast biscuit. That also made me go, "mmmmm....' this morning.

And, interestingly, when I went into Home Depot this morning, there was none of the spookage that I've gotten in every other huge-mega store (which describes just about all of them nowadays) that I've been in since I've been back. Maybe it's because you never go into a Home Depot without a specific purpose in mind, so it's not completely just stuff.

I guess that makes me go, "hmmm..." instead of, "mmm...", but then again, we're talking about tools, so they make me go, "mmmmm....." too.

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