Saturday, November 13, 2004

Fat Clothes

So I went shopping on Thursday with Beth (she had the day off of school) to get new clothes. In some ways, I was pretty proud of myself because I had kept a very small number of clothes in my brother's basement while I was away. That number got shrunk a little more when several bags got wet, but still...I didn't keep much all things considered. The downside of that though was that when I got back from being overseas for a year and half...and wearing the same limited number of clothes over and over for much of that time....I didn't have any different clothes to wear.

But the plus-side of not having different clothes to wear is that you get to go out and buy new clothes. And now we're back to where we started. So I went shopping on Thursday with Beth. I sorta intended to go several places, but we went to Ross first, and ended up buying enough there that other places weren't really necessary. I got several long-sleeve shirts, a pair of short boots (I'm very happy to be getting re-acquainted with my calf-length boots which _have_ been waiting for me under Jesse's basement), a pair of nice shoes, a pair of black pants (aren't you proud of me Jaime?), and several pairs of jeans. There was one pair that was my size and petite. Those are the pair that fit. Then there were two pairs that were one size bigger, but still petite. Those are my fat jeans. Then I got one more pair. A size too big and those are for when I get fat _and_ taller.


But I do look very stylish in my new clothes. Its kinda weird.

After we went to Ross, we stopped in at MediaPlay and they had the music folio I've been waiting for ever since Kuwait - Norah Jones "Come Away With Me." Someday I'll even be able to _play_ the songs. :)

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