Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reality TV

As one of my also recently-returning friends has pointed out, there are a _lot_ of reality shows on TV now. I mean, there was Survivor, American Idol, and Joe Millionaire before I left, but now it's like you can't flip through the channels without seeing at least two 'reality' shows and a couple of CSI: Debuque or Law & Order: Extra-Super Special People Who Investigate Bad Things Unit shows.

And while most of the reality shows are really, Really, _REALLY_ bad, there's one that's caught my attention. It's called "The Biggest Loser." In this show, a bunch of overweight people try to lose weight. They don't get it sucked out, they don't tie off half of their stomachs, they just diet and exercise. There are, of course, the stupid "challenges" and the inevitable back-biting when it comes to "vote people off" time, but the basic premise of the show is one that I can get behind. And even the people who get voted off continue in their new diet/exercise regime and continue to lose weight.

But probably the most fun aspect of it is that the biggest compliment for any of the contestants is to be named "the biggest loser" of the week. :)

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