Thursday, November 18, 2004


I haven't posted much lately....there's not a lot to say....I mean, there are plenty of funny, anecdotal things that I've thought about posting, but was too lazy to do at the time and then the moment passed, so I never wrote them at all....but in terms of important things...there's just really not that much.

I haven't heard from Rocketown yet. I stopped by there on Monday (most of a week since I'd dropped off my resume) and was told that the lady I needed to speak to was in a meeting, but that she'd gotten my resume, she'd just been busy. If I don't hear back by next week, I'm just gonna start being the weird 28-year-old chick who hangs out at a youth club.

I finally went through the clothes that I _did_ save. It was mostly skirts, a few 'church' dresses, and a lot of my 'fancy' dresses. I, of course, had a "try on" party. It was fun...and I could actually still fit into all of them. I'm a "little" bit hippier than I was, but I can still fit into everything. And it was weird because I'd saved so little, so what I'd saved should have been very dear to me. And a lot of it was - the dress I got my first kiss in, the dress I got "crowned" in when I became a "queen" in Acteens, this dress that I've had since I was a kid that I was waiting to wear until I was tall enough....and I almost am tall enough now, if I wear heels.....other dresses.....but after trying them on, I tossed most of them.

I kept a couple of them...all of the skirts, my prom dress (which is starting to show its age), a couple of other 'fancy' dresses (anyone remember New Year's 2000 at Jackie's house?), a couple of the 'church' dresses...but most of them I tossed. It's weird that what was incredibly dear to me two years ago is now only worthy of Goodwill. I'm almost afraid to go through all of my other stuff under Jesse's house....but then again, if I do that now, it'll mean a smaller U-haul on the way back to MD.

And a lot of me will be glad when I get rid of lots of my stuff. It's like a huge weight around my neck. I feel suffocated almost by it all. Maybe that's what I'll do during my mornings when I'm not being the weird old lady at Rocketown.

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