Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My Mouf is Fat

So I went to the dentist today. Back during the summer, one of my back molars suddenly started hurting when I'd chew on that side. Not being a big fan of dentists to begin with, and living overseas where doctors are scary, even though they're excellent and they all went to schools in the West, so it's really just stupid of me to be scared of them....I did what anyone would do - I just stopped chewing on that side. Eventually it stopped hurting and had even gotten to the point where I could chew on that side of my mouth again as long as the food wasn't too hot or too cold.

Since I hadn't been to the dentist since I'd gotten my wisdom teeth pulled in 1998, I naturally assumed that I'd finally gotten a cavity. But, like I said before, doctors are scary overseas (even though rationally, there's nothing different between them and doctors in the US except that they don't live in the US)...and not liking dentists to begin with, I put it off until I got home.

And then after I got home, I kept putting it off.

But then "fate" stepped in. (Heehee...Hi, Aunt Mom!) My mom was supposed to go to the dentist this morning. She thought she'd changed the appointment until tomorrow, but apparently hadn't, so I took her spot today and we rescheduled her until this morning. So I went to the dentist this morning at 8:30. Unfortunately, my purse (and insurance information) was in my parents' car, so we rescheduled the appointment for later in the afternoon and I went off in search of my sister's school (where the car was). After pulling her from class, I got my purse and came back home to sit and wait a little longer for the appointment.

I went back at 1, quaking in my new cute litte shoes since it'd been 7 years since my last cleaning and 6 since my last visit at all....only to find out that my supposed "cavity" was really a cracked filling (showing no signs of decay), and that my teeth looked like she'd cleaned them six months ago instead of seven years!

Go me with my mad tooth-brushing skillz!

I guess that's one advantage of not liking coffee and not being allowed to drink caffeinated beverages. :)

But what is it about your breath the day you go to see the dentist? It's fine every other day, but on that day, you brush longer and better than normal, you mouthwash like five times....and still you have nasty breath five minutes later. It's like the bacteria in your mouth know you're going to the dentist and want to make it seem like you never brush.

It's always weird going to my dentist though. She's the mom of a girl I went to high school with. Diane even went into her mom's business for a while - that was a _really_ weird visit - a girl I graduated high school with filled one of my teeth...and I was still in college, so we were like 21. But now she's married with three kids, so she didn't re-fill my tooth today.

It's now a few hours later and my 'mouf' is almost back to normal.

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