Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So, on my way to a meeting at church last night, I stopped into the local McDonald's for 50 grams of protein, otherwise known as two double cheeseburgers. That's half my daily required total right there, boieee! as I walk into the place thinking about how late I am and that I don't have time to use their restroom, I notice (at approximately the same time that he notices) an acquaintance from grad school. Basically, he got a grad assistantship at the research lab that my advisor directs (and where I'd worked as an undergrad), so while I was going part-time and working full-time, he was going full-time. I don't think we had any classes together, but he was always (overly) friendly whenever I was around the lab.

So it was one of those slightly embarrassing/uncomfortable moments of him greeting me like we were best friends and me being glad that I remembered his name. Not that there was ever anything socially or otherwise wrong with him...he just always seemed to be more familiar with me than I felt I was with him. Just one of those "not really on the same page" kinds of friendships.

But that's all beside the point. I haven't seen this guy, I guess since before I went it would have probably been Jan or Feb of 2003...over three years ago. Now, before then, my "story" was rather, shall we say, unusual - "rocket scientist," owned her own house at 23, KC-135 flights, business trips to Europe and Japan, saw a total solar eclipse while standing next to Scott Carpenter, lumps, had a former astronaut/Harrier pilot/Marine Colonel for a boss, not to mention a career high of 17 cats, worked on the Space Station Program, and that I was as involved as I was in my church.

But now you add to that...chucked it all, moved to Iraq for a year and a half with a humanitarian organization, fixed schools, fed the hungry, then came back, finished my MS, met a guy, went to Africa for a few weeks, married the guy a year after meeting him, and am in the process of having his baby 11 months after that while working for the same company I used to work for before going overseas, currently on the Space Shuttle Program, but hopefully switching to the Orion (Shuttle replacement/Moon landing) program soon.

Dude. Why does anyone believe me when I tell them this stuff? I mean, seriously?

Granted, every bit of it is true...but still...

It's like I'm Walter Mitty or something...only not making it all up...

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