Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ego Boost

I, a lady who is (at least in my own eyes) obviously pregnant, was hit on by a construction worker when leaving the Metro this morning.

You heard me right.

Dude had been sitting in a seat near mine and had handed me my lunch bag when it threatened to roll away during the trip. After we got off the train, he introduced himself and asked what I did. When he heard that I was an aerospace engineer, he (like many people) started talking about airplanes. When I mentioned that I was more into rockets, he then explained how his model airplane hobby really wanted to take a rocket kind of turn.

When we got to the main escalator (which I use as my daily exercise regimen - that's one LONG escalator and I manage to walk my ginormous body up it every day), he said that what he really wanted to talk to me about was me.

Now I give him several points, so single guys out there, listen up:
1) He was bold. But he wasn't scared to talk to me. That was, incidentally, one of VNB's main selling points (among many other things, but that was definitely one of the first things I noticed). Now, this can be taken too far, but it's refreshing when the guy isn't afraid of you.
2) He was obviously being sincere when he said it was something about my eyes (HA!). I mean, seriously. How does one not notice that a girl is SIX MONTHS PREGNANT?!!! unless they're really only looking at her face? Now granted, during the time that he was admiring my eyes, I was seated with a jacket on over a sweater, but still...he didn't talk to me until we were both standing and walking. He could have bailed at that point and I would never have even noticed.

When he said that what he really wanted to talk about was me, I responded with, "Well, my husband probably wouldn't appreciate that, especially with our little one six months on the way (while patting my belly)." Again, two points in the guy's favor:
A) He looked genuinely surprised when I mentioned being six months pregnant (which reinforces point 2, above), and
B) He immediately backed off. I mentioned that walking the escalator was my morning exercise and he made a motion to walk with me, but then changed his mind.

It was a very pleasant encounter from start to finish, all things considered. But all in all, it was quite the ego boost and honestly made my morning far more enjoyable than it otherwise could have been.


(Another, unrelated "HA!" - apparently Blogger's spell check includes the word "ginormous!" Ok, that one's more of a "Heehee," but still...)

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