Thursday, September 20, 2007

AJ the SpokesBaby (or Our Trip to Hotlanta...finally...)

So while we were in Atlanta, AJ decided he was going to try out a few different products to decide which he wanted to become the spokesbaby for. If you have a preference, please leave a comment so that we can help steer him toward what will show off his natural abilities the best.

Our first day, we went to the Atlanta Federal Reserve. We didn't really get any pictures of that, but I would think that it would be profitable to be the spokesbaby for money. Plus, while we didn't quite "win" their loan simulator "game," we came pretty close, so he should be good at it.

The second day, we went to the NEW World of Coke. It was Coke-tastic! We didn't get a chance to see everything (lunch reservations), but we tasted all sorts of sodas from around the world (alas, no Rani) and got the first of our spokesbaby pictures.

AJ the Coke Baby (not that kind - the good kind of Coke baby)

Alternately, there's this one. I mean, seriously, who could resist those eyes?

Then, he decided to see if he could advertise for Aunt D's quilting guild by showing off the latest of her creations, "Fantastic Fish Friends." Either that or he was looking for a pack of Marlboros to roll up in his sleeve so he could shill for a new run of Grease.

If you look closely, in the black square visible under his left arm (the one holding Aunt D's hand), you can see one of a couple of spots where she embroidered his first name. His last name is elsewhere in a couple of places too. This quilt is just amazingly beautiful and intricate, and is definitely something that he will treasure. Thanks again, Aunt D! Here are both sides:

And the inscription which is on the lower left-hand corner of the pic on the right.

Then, in honor of his first tooth, he thought that maybe "Beef, it's what's for dinner" needed some fresh blood (if you'll pardon the pun):

But, after much contemplation at Atlanta's High Gallery of Art, he decided that he'd cover all his bets and give another product of the Coke company a try:

And if that didn't work out, he figured he might try deep sea diving and/or advertising for the Atlanta aquarium (with his mommy and daddy, of course!).

I think all in all though, he really wants to get into his mom's "family" business (you know, my uncle Ted).


Qtpies7 said...

Love it! I say go for the Coke baby! We love Atlanta and the Coke museum.

I came by because of a comment on Rocks in my Dryer. I love Keys, too, and if he ran I might even get interested in politics again!

carrie said...


Great pix! My husband and I toured the "old" Coke world a few years ago--so much fun! AJ's outfit is so cute. =)