Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The "mommyblogger" community is a large and diverse one. Most of the blogs are written by mommies like me, but there is a relatively large community of those who use their blogs to track the course of an illness in their or their children's lives.

To call this a "story" seems to desecrate it. It makes me hurt for this family, and feel both grateful and guilty for the healthy, beautiful family that God has given me, not to mention in awe of their faith, honesty, and worshipful attitude in the midst of struggle.

I know that grace is given in the moment, and that my imagination is more fertile than most, but I can't even stand to hear that Mark Schultz song "He's my Son," much less imagine how I would cope if something were to happen to VNB or AJ (or myself).

Stephen Curtis Chapman says that "We [as believers] can cry with hope...'cause we know our 'goodbye' is not the end." I am in awe of the many people who can 'blog with hope,' and hope that, should a crisis ever befall me or my family, I can be one of them.

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