Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So AJ took his first carousel ride today on the carousel in our local mall. Both AJ's Grandma and his Nana will be glad to know that he rode on the black horse on the outside.

I don't know how many more rides he's gonna take though, because it made his mama a little queasy.

Update on VNB and our car: VNB is fine. His back was a little tight for a few days, but he's got no permanent damage as far as we can tell. The car on the other hand. Well, it got towed from the scene on Friday night to the police impound lot. We were told that the Geico adjuster would visit the car on Saturday. Well, apparently the adjuster can't visit until the car is at the body shop. And _WE_ have to call the towing company to get the car moved. The worst part of all of this? We didn't find out this information until _today_ (Tuesday). So tomorrow, VNB will get the car towed to the body shop and the damage will finally be assessed. But he also managed to talk to the owner of our chosen body shop today...and by describing the damage, the owner's pretty sure the car is totalled. That would be bad news for us as we can't exactly buy a comparable car for the wrecked one's blue book value.

So that would be bad. I might have to deal with driving a sedan again. Dadgummit. I _LOVE_ that car!

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