Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our Little Man

So this time last year I was resting (uncomfortably) in a hospital bed with a wee little man by my side. I think VNB had just returned after going home for some sleep and a shower, and friends were stopping by after work.

It's hard to imagine how much our lives have changed since that day. I certainly haven't had a full night's sleep since then. I just feel so blessed when I sit here and look over to see AJ playing. He's so inquisitive and active and vibrant. He's got so much personality. His little grin can melt the coldest of hearts, and his _hugs_....there's nothing sweeter in the world than being hugged by him...except _maybe_ watching him hug his daddy...but that's mostly because of the look that VNB gets in his eyes when it happens - complete surrender to the love he has for our little man.

But to know the special privilege that I've been given. To be able to be home with him every day. To watch him grow and learn. To hear him talk and sing. To see him play. To have him feed me his gluten, nut, and soy-free Os (that taste like cardboard made with a touch of molasses) all afternoon.

And to recognize the intelligence that he has as he sits and plays with his little bead roller coaster, pushing the beads back and forth along the tracks...then turning the whole thing on its side and watching them all move on their own. To see him pick up objects and examine them in great detail (prior to putting them in his mouth for further "examination").

To hear him laugh and giggle. To watch him sleep. To see him toddle around with growing boldness.

And yes, even to consider four hours of uninterrupted sleep to be as close to Heaven as you can get on Earth...and to be constantly aware of every gas bubble and the color and consistency of every diaper. It's a joy and a blessing to get to suck the snot out of his little nose.

It's also an awesome responsibility. One that I love and wouldn't give up for anything.

So happy birthday, little man!

We're certainly not putting you back where we found you!

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