Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Voted...

So my sticker didn't look exactly like that (and neither of those hands is fact, I got this picture from the Atlanta Young Democrat's website, so it's not even from my state or party affiliation)...but I got one yesterday. And I feel like I _REALLY_ earned it.

You see, occasionally I _do_ go into my office for meetings and such. AJ usually tags along with me since my team loves him and it's _way_ cheaper and easier than finding and paying a babysitter. Well, yesterday was also a very nice ice storm for our area, so just as soon as we could leave, we did.

At 4:30 our journey began. Around 5:10, we finally made it onto the Beltway. That portion of the trip usually takes at most 10-15 minutes at the worst of rush hour (5:30-ish). AJ woke from his afternoon nap very briefly at this point, but then thankfully went back to sleep. By about 6, I think we'd made it to the next exit on the Beltway (about three miles). After many discussions with VNB, it was determined that I might as well stay as try any other route since all of them were equally backed up, so we continured inching along. With each exit, the speed increased a fraction, until we were doing almost 40 mph (our top speed for the whole trip). Around 6:15, we made it to the exit for 95N...where traffic pretty much stopped again. By about 6:45, we made it six miles up 95 to the first Laurel exit where I bailed out like my life depended on it (AJ had been awake and crying for about 15 minutes by then). The trip through Laurel was slow, but I knew enough side streets to avoid even the worst of that. By 7, we were free and clear on the north side of Laurel and the back roads were open from there until we got home around 7:20 - TWO HOURS AND FIFTY MINUTES FROM WHEN WE'D LEFT!!!! Which had taken us about 35 minutes on our way _into_ work that day.

I quickly dropped AJ off with his daddy for the dinner he was ravenous for, and slid back out into the ice to go vote. By 7:22 I was at my polling place, and by 7:35, I was back out. It really helps when you've done your homework and know who you're going to vote for!

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