Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Postage currently $0.41 for a first class letter and $0.26 for a postcard....but that's not the kind of postage I'm talking about.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Work's been crazy, not only do I have lots to do, but I've also been going into the office once or twice a week (which usually completely blows the day) in addition to my normal Tuesday morning "play group" and our first MOPS meeting (with all the planning and additional work that adds). So dishes and laundry and work have all been piling up...and blog posts have been put off.

I've got three months' worth of pictures and videos that need posting...and they'll get done...eventually...along with everything else. Thanks for hanging in with us!

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Anonymous said...

hey melissa! how you been? i tried to email you but you must have change email addresses...
-Chris Lyons