Friday, March 06, 2009

Moments with My First Born

So today AJ was watching as I grated some cheese. Inevitably, he asked for a piece of cheese so I cut a hunk off the chunk I was grating. A while later, after I'd finished grating the cheese, he asked for another piece. When I handed him a slice, he started saying "tuh, tuh cheese" and pointing at the counter where I'd been grating. Then it dawned on me. He was telling me he wanted me to "cut the cheese." In approximately 11 years, he'll think that was hilarious.

Apparently AJ is becoming aware of the feelings of others (especially sadness) because lately he'll point out that someone is "saah" when he see tears on TV or elsewhere. Well, we're still working on grammar too because whenever his sister cries, he says, "Don't saah, Baby, don't saah."

I like to kiss all over his cheeks and do it as often as he'll hold still for it. Well, the other night he was sitting on my lap for a few minutes and I was just putting my cheek up to his. He then proceeded to manhandle my head until my lips were on his cheek so that I could kiss it. Any time I stopped or turned away, he would forcibly move my head back into cheek kissing position.

One of his favorite PBS shows right now is "Word World" where all of the characters and things are made up of the letters that spell their word (e.g., the duck is the letters D-U-C-K in the shape of a duck). In the show they frequently "build a word" where they put letters together and after a moment the letters shape themselves into that object. Well he recently got back his foam bath letters and while we were watching TV the other night I saw him pushing the letters together and staring at them intently. I think he was trying to build a word. It's a good thing he doesn't know how to spell yet. We really don't have room for an elephant or whatever else he'd spell.

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