Thursday, June 05, 2008

Poor Parenting Moments...Again, Some More...

Ok, so it hasn't been a secret pretty much since the beginning, mostly because I've been so very, very sick. But yes, AJ will be a big brother sometime around Christmas. And this new little one has made me very, VERY sick. Even with drugs, I don't feel very good most of the time.

All of which has led to more poor parenting moments to share! Woohoo! Most have to do with vomit and/or poo, so don't say I didn't warn you.

But least I didn't plug my kid into the USB port this time. That's improvement, right?

So the other day I was dry heaving. Basically, I was spitting a lot into the toilet. While burping these nasty, deep, guttural burps. And AJ, as is his wont, wandered into the bathroom. Often he does this just to get into the cabinets that I won't let him get into while I'm too busy to keep him from getting into them. But this time, he apparently thought that it was really cool to spit into the toilet. So he started drooling even more than usual and would have tried spitting into the toilet too if I hadn't been monopolizing it. When he saw that there wasn't room for two (three?) in praying to the porcelain god, he decided instead to be supportive. So he walked up, stood next to me, and put his little arm around my neck.

Later that day when it wasn't just dry heaves, he did the same (without the attempt at spitting for himself). He walked in and patted me on the back until I was done.

Sweet boy.

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