Friday, January 15, 2010

Finding "My Thing"

So I've recently become a fan of a "little" site called "Stuff Christians Like." It's one of those places that's wildly hilarious to those on the inside and probably not at all interesting to someone who hasn't been a part of a Western institutional church for a while.

Today's post got me thinking about something that's been percolating in the back of my brain for a little while now.

This past year has had the usual ups and downs. Overall, I think that I've grown (in good ways) as a person, a wife, a mom, a musician, and an engineer (among other things). My home is (marginally) cleaner than this time last year (well....this time two years ago...this time last year I had a 3-wk-old baby), my marriage is stronger than ever before (not that it was ever shaky, necessarily, just that I think we're starting to hit our stride in terms of effective communication and sense of "team"), and I'm definitely _FAR_ more confident as a musician thanks in no small part to getting to "lead" worship at Amplified.

In any case, over the past year or so I think I've found those "things" about myself that I'm really and truly passionate about. The "things" that make me really tick. The "things" that bring me joy more than anything else (not including God, family, and friends). Those things are missions/service and "leading" worship (or at least playing piano and singing...I don't really care who picks the songs, what part I'm singing, or who's doing the talking between songs).

To that end, I think I'm going to include you, my three readers, in on the "service" things that I'm participating in. Over the course of the next few days, I'm going to start spelling out the various service opportunities that I'm currently participating in and including in each post a way that you can participate. Then I'll put links to those projects in the sidebar so that you can follow along.

Maybe you'll get hooked on helping others like I have.'s like crack. Not that I've ever tried crack.

Edited to add: don't worry in-laws out-laws? laws? All you people who are actually related to me somehow...there will still be pictures of the cutest kids in the world too (just in case that needs to be explained, I'm talking about _my_ kids here). If nothing else, I fully intend to have them participate!


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Leia, thanks for commenting on my blog. Your analysis of your church's vision was very good. Glad you're a new fan of SCL. Did you catch my guest post last week?

Anyway, feel free to join the conversation again. See you around the blogs!

CaptainConundrum said...

Like you really have to explain which kids you mean. Psh!