Friday, July 27, 2007

Poor Parenting Moments, Part I (I'm sure of many)

So AJ's on the floor right now, crawling around, while I'm (you guessed it) in a meeting. So I looked down a few minutes ago to find him gnawing on the end of a USB cable. Thinking that it was ok for him to chew on a cable as long as it was the plug end (meaning that, while it's not really a good habit to get into, at least if he's chewing on the plug itself, then it's not plugged in), I just let him continue. Then a note popped up on my desktop:

"USB device not identified"

Yes, the cable that was being gnawed on by my infant son was plugged into the computer (which means that it was getting power, albeit a small amount).

And apparently he's not an identifiable USB device.

Dude...if this kid survives, it'll be a miracle.

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