Friday, July 06, 2007

The Silver Lining

You know, there is definitely a silver lining to having an infant son barfing all night one night (which kept you awake all night), followed by another day and night of him not feeling well, fussing, and only nursing (which kept you up a second night), followed by a day of yourself barfing and well, not keeping anything in the other end either, while having a teething and still not quite back to normal infant son continue to pretty much only nurse, followed by another semi-sleepless night of your own aches and a husband who's tossing and turning as he begins his own day of barfing, etc. the silver lining of all of that is that instead of being between 10 and 15 pounds away from my max "normal" weight, I'm now less than five pounds away from it! Of course, once my appetite returns and I get back to eating normally, that'll probably go back to the 10-15 lb range, but it feels kinda nice right now.

Now if only my thighs would stop their massive jiggling and touching of each other, and my pants would go back to actually covering all of my backside when I sit down, I'd be almost back to "normal." It only took six months and having my entire family get the plague to get this far.

Of course, the mega "nursing implements" are here to stay for a while yet and the stretch marks will never go away...but least my gut's almost know...until I start eating again.

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