Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things I Do During Meetings

1) Blog (like right now)

2) Put the baby to sleep and take video of him (***WARNING*** this is so cute that you may turn into something with an innocent look and big eyes ***/WARNING*** and yes, Valentina's Buddy - in the background you hear our friend K E-R)

3) Change the baby's diaper (don't worry, this isn't the actual change operation, this is the fun time post-change - usually AJ's happiest and most talkative time. This actual video isn't from during a meeting, which is evident by VNB off-screen making faces at AJ and distracting him (but eliciting some awesome smiles and giggles))

4) Fix lunch/snack/tea for myself

5) Do the dishes

6) Clean the house

7) Feed the baby (aka "Carrot Face")

8) Do laundry (well, until the phone cut out in the laundry room)

9) Perform my morning toilet (sans shower - i.e., brush hair/teeth, put on deodorant/clean clothes, etc.)

10) Play with the baby

11) Web surf

12) Play games on the computer

13) (*gasp*) Work

Things I Have NOT Done (But HAVE Contemplated)

1) Showered

2) Taken out the trash/recycling

3) Vacuumed

4) Bathed the baby

5) Watched TV

6) Slept

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Huh, I wouldn't have recognized that voice as his. But it's still fun to hear, and these videos are great! The list is even better -- who knew meetings could be so productive?!

- Valentina's buddy