Friday, November 06, 2009

2AM Wake-Up Call

So at approximately 2AM this morning, AJ started crying and saying that he had to go potty. While helping him to the potty, I noticed exactly how warm he was. When he was practically in hysterics because he wanted to go to his friend's house, VNB woke up too and we took his temperature - 101.4. Some children's Motrin later, he was sacked out on the couch, watching a movie. We waited an hour to see if the Motrin worked on the fever (it did), then we went back to sleep (all of us).

After a call to the pediatrician (the third since Tuesday - two for Joanna, one for AJ), we were pretty sure it was the flu, and according to her, 99% of flu cases in North America right now are H1N1.

So we spent the day trying to keep Joanna (who was successfully keeping down solids today!) away from him and monitoring his symptoms (runny nose, cough, fever, aches). There was a small chance that Joanna had it too and was just presenting differently, so VNB (and his dad) took them to an urgent care place to get them tested. Neither of them had strep, but AJ definitely tested positive for the strain of flu that contains the H1N1 branch. Joanna did not (confirmation that she just had some random virus that made her vomit, but nothing else).

So we came home, ate dinner, and completely remodeled our house. AJ and his train table are in his and Joanna's room (the crib's pushed up against the wall and we took out the chair I usually nurse her in). Joanna's in the pack 'n play in the playroom. Neither of them was a big fan of the arrangement. Well...AJ's a big fan of having his toys in his room, but they really seem to do better with sleeping when they've got each other in the room. Joanna especially took a while to get to sleep.

We have no idea how long this will take or if any of the rest of us will get it. Apparently we're not contagious as long as we're not coughing or anything.

We're going to try to keep AJ in his room as much as possible. It's going to be an interesting few days...

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