Saturday, November 07, 2009


Really, one of these days I'm going to remember prior to 11:38 PM and post something witty or at least interesting.

In the meantime, today AJ seemed to be at least maintaining. When his fever spiked, he was miserable. The rest of the time, he was ok-ish. We've made it through Day 1 of trying to keep him in his room. We'll see how long it lasts.

Joanna seems to be perfectly fine again, although she _really_ needs to gain some weight now.

VNB managed by himself for a few hours while I was at Amplified ("leading" the service tonight). That's been interesting. Most of the songs we sing are "guy" songs, so I have to radically alter the key in order to get it to something I can sing...but I seem to be over-estimating my voice in both directions. Well, over-estimating isn't quite the word. What I can do by myself and what I can do in the heat of the moment in front of a bunch of people are apparently different things. My range shrinks a bit....especially after a full rehearsal and then a whole service!

It's definitely been a learning experience. And once I find a group of songs that will work for me to sing, I'll definitely need to learn to talk intelligibly occasionally in between songs.

Oh month...

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