Thursday, November 05, 2009


So there's still work to be done, but I finished my analysis for work today! Yay!!!!! And the amazing thing was that the very first time I worked through all of the numbers, I got it right! There's one little thing that I need to go back and fix (that won't make a bit of a difference in the long run), and then we have to do our pseudo-documentation (just a memo saying very briefly what we did) and our charts for the review and we're "done!"

I sent my compatriot the final results and then said, "I'm logging off for the day - I'll get back to you on more stuff tomorrow!" And I did! And my house was mostly clean by the time small group got here tonight!

So tomorrow I get to tackle the mountain of laundry that has sprung up since last week. it's really not that much, it just seems like a lot because it's been dumped in our floor instead of being put in the hampers (mostly by me, I'm not pointing fingers here). And the pile got added to considerably today when Joanna projectile vomited on me and my sofa blanket twice today (well, twice on me, once on the blanket, but they were both basically all water and pointed exactly at me - which was good for the laptop that was within splashing distance).

Anyway, she hasn't thrown up since then and that was three hours and a nap after she'd eaten last...and she's kept down 1/3 of a banana since then, so yet again I'm hopeful. I talked to her pediatrician today and was relieved to hear that MANY people are calling in with the same symptoms, so it's just a bug going around - no fever, not respiratory, with vomiting, but as long as you don't lick anything that she's licked or drooled on, you probably won't catch it.

So that's been my day. Vomit and risk analysis and cleaning.

Ah, the life of a work-at-home, rocket scientist mom. It's glamorous, I tell you!

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