Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's the End of the World as We Know It....And I Feel Fine...

So I'm sitting here, watching a Discovery Channel offering about the various ways that the world could end in 2012....and I can't help but laugh. They're just so......dramatic......every time they describe some horrible way for millions of people to die due to some natural disaster, they say something to the effect of: "but _that_ may just be the tip of the iceberg" and then they go to commercial. When they come back, they go, for instance, from talking about a specific volcano in the Atlantic that could erupt, cause a massive landslide, and that would cause a ginormous tsunami. They didn't say which way(s) the tsunami would go, but it showed graphics of the entire Delmarva peninsula being underwater. Then there was a graphic of Air Force One with a huge wave crashing over it (the Capitol Building was another favorite to show waves crashing over). Knowing a little bit about that particular geography....there's a LONG way between the east coast and Washington DC (or Andrews AFB, as the case may be). I get that tsunamis (especially "mega" tsunamis) would go a long way inland....but really? A wave significantly higher than the Capitol Building making it _TO_ the Capitol Building? I can see some flooding making it into DC - it is a swamp, after all - but _that_ big a wave? That would take like all of the water in the Atlantic.

Leading up to this most recent commercial break they said what has got to be my favorite line EVER in a doomsday scenario show: "Space is full of lots of things just floating around _looking_ for something to slam into!" I can just see the asteroids out there, chatting with each other - "So have _you_ seen anything good to slam into? Me neither....wait...what's that over there? Oooooohhhh that little blue and green planet looks like it might be fun! Let's slam into THAT one!"


A "disastrous traffic accident in space!"

I _told_ you everything is cooler when you add "in space" to it!

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CaptainConundrum said...

I would personally prefer that the world end by ice cream. Just my personal opinion. If they're thinking about taking votes.