Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gentleman(?) Caller

So about a week ago, I was coming in from the car (it had to be a weekend, because I didn't have the kids with me) and I noticed this large, black and white cat hanging around. S/he scattered when I came near.

A few days later, Monkey (our cat, yes I know it's confusing - keep up) started attacking the sliding glass door to our porch. Sure enough, our "friend" (let's call him/her "Tom" for the sake of argument) was sitting back there looking in.


He's (she's) done that for a little while at least once a day since then, much to Monkey's dismay.

And mine. You see, s/he seems to like best to show up right about the time I'm trying to get things quiet - or about the time the baby who had screamed for several hours had fallen asleep on my chest (well....we'd probably been asleep for a while at that point, but after 2+ hours of screaming, no amount of sleep is enough).

So if anyone wants a cat - s/he seems friendly enough when I can get out there without Monkey attacking - I've got one for you (yes, I'll be putting up flyers one of these days). I'll even throw in a litter box for free (got a new one that Monkey refuses to touch).


CaptainConundrum said...

I saw her too, last time I was over there. Thought maybe she was just a neighborhood stray.

Katie said...

Tom is cute! He/she looks like a zebra some what. I hope you find a home. I'd say I'd take him, but Meshach would attack him when he comes back to Maryland next week. :-)