Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I just signed up for some free space on the web, so this is mostly just to test out that I can, indeed, link to files from here. So (in sha'allh) here's a picture of me and the fam (sans brothers) at Hadrian's Wall in the north of England.

Also, Hotmail's upgrading or something funky, so just about daily I've been getting "delay notices" from them (saying that my outgoing messages were delayed in being sent to the recipient), and my incoming email seems to have dropped off noticably as well. So, I'm hoping that in a few days I'm gonna end up downloading the five hundred messages that people have lovingly sent me over the past few weeks that have just been sitting in the ether, waiting to actually be sent to me by Hotmail's servers.

But also, if you haven't heard from me in a while and expected to, it could be for several reasons:

  1. I'm a punk who never replies to email (probability 90%)
  2. Your original email got deleted by Hotmail when they started sending _everything_ to my junk email folder and I didn't realize it (probability 8%)
  3. Hotmail is sitting on your email and I haven't gotten it yet (probability <2%)
  4. I'm mad at you and am not ever going to speak to you again (probability <<<1%)

(Just kidding on #4 - I don't think anyone falls into that category at this time.)

So, please be patient while Microsoft (the bane of my existence) "deals" with the situation.

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