Sunday, August 08, 2004


Ok, some of you know that I'm a _HUGE_ Farscape fan. One of the things I retrieved from my parents during the trip to England was Farscape - The Complete Second Season which I've been watching recently. Well, being a little bored this afternoon, I decided to take a look at the Farscape website. In looking around, the mechandise page sent me to where I was _very_ happy to see that Farscape - The Complete Third Season is being released here shortly! I very quickly pre-ordered it (my family will send it to me along with Alias Season 3 when it comes out in September!). My websurfing also brought to my attention something which pleased me utterly - the SciFi Channel, after having callously ended the series with little notice and even less character and plot resolution, has decided to do a Farscape miniseries!! It comes out in October!! Yay!

See, this is the problem with updating you more frequently. In ~weekly emails, I was _far_ more focused on "important" things and less on just day to day living. I guess this'll give you a better idea of how we actually spend much of our time - we watch movies and TV shows. I now have in my possession the complete first season of Dark Angel, Seasons 1 & 2 of Alias, and Seasons 1 & 2 of Farscape. Also in the collections of co-workers are the first season of 24, the second season of The Shield, and the first season of Malcom in the Middle...not to mention various other shows that someone send video tapes of (LOTS of Law&Order). Alias is the company favorite, but I've suckered people into Dark Angel watching from time to time.

Why do we watch so many movies and so much television? Well, it's because we're confined, for the most part, to our neighborhood in the evenings and on our "weekend" (which is just Friday). Also, we have MBC's "Channel 2" (which I also watched in Kuwait - maybe I mentioned it to those of you who have been with me since the beginning). This is a station that shows movies and television shows from America, but with Arabic sub-titles. Oprah is a very big favorite of all of the Iraqi women. We watch that a lot, but it's one of very few options not in Arabic, so we resort to movies and DVDs of TV shows quite frequently (in addition to other activities).

We also buy many VCDs in the local markets. These are illegal copies of movies, often taken from someone's camcorder that they carried into a theater (copyright actually means "right to copy," right?). The advantage is that, within a day or two of a movie coming out in the States, we can watch it here too! We even have a projector that we can hook up to a computer so that we can see movies on a "big screen" (usually the wall or a white board). The problem with these is that you never know the quality of the copy prior to purchase, so sometimes you pay all of $4 for a movie that gets blurry sometimes or doesn't have good sound quality. But sometimes you get pretty good quality, especially on older movies where they just copied straight from the licensed DVD.

Since being here, I've also learned how to download movies, tv show episodes, and applications from the web. It's good to "work" overseas! ;p

Anyway, I'm excited about Farscape! I'd ask someone to record the miniseries for me, except that I want to watch all of Season 4 first and who knows when the complete season will come out.

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