Saturday, August 28, 2004

Sarunas Jasikevicius

I was just reading up on the bronze medal match that the US men's basketball team will be playing here shortly, only to find out that one of their opponents will be University of Maryland alum Sarunas Jasikevicius! I used to psych him up in Cole Field House with my piccolo as part of the pep band way back in the day when I was in undergrad and still in band! (I'm sure he remembers me and is eternally grateful. ;p )

It was always interesting trying to come up with cheers or nicknames for a guy named "Sarunas Jasikevicius" (pronounced Sah-roo-nus Ya-seh-ke-vih-kus). It usually ended up just being "Go Sarunas!"

But if I do watch the game (it may have already happened - says that _you'll_ see it Saturday night in America, but that's just NBC re-packaging for prime time), I'll have a hard time knowing for whom to cheer. It'd be like watching the Yankees play the Orioles with Mike Mussina pitching for the Yankees. Love Mike (since he was an O for so long, and since I can _definitely_ appreciate God's workmanship there!), hate the Yanks, love the Os. I guess in this case I'll cheer for the Yanks (Americans, that is), and just not be too upset if Sarunas plays well for his team. :)

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Anonymous said...

WOO! go sarunas! I was rooting for him and the lithuanians, to be honest. :)
I always thoght the easiest way to explain his last name was "yes-ah-cabbages"
sorry - had to comment - the terp in me kicked in.
go terps