Monday, August 16, 2004

Happy Anniversary!

Btw, the 16th was my parents' 35th wedding anniversary.

I've often thought about just exactly how "functional" my family is. We get frustrated with each other at times, but I don't know of any times (other than a few "drama queen" moments in my teenage years (and some of Beth's in her toddler years)) when we've even left a room in anger, muchless spent time with anyone "not speaking" to anyone else or "fighting." We're all far from perfect, but our family is one of the best I've ever known.

I've often thought about the ~Biblically-based proverb/adage/saying/axiom that "He'll never put more on you than you can handle." The Biblical text is referring specifically to temptation, but this is often generalized to cover other aspects of life. That made me wonder if God put my family and I together into this "perfect" group because we weren't strong enough to handle a "less perfect" situation. It also seemed to be a problem when I was first working with the youth at my church - many were from broken homes, or were in otherwise poor family circumstances. I couldn't relate at all.

But after a time, I guess I came to realize that the youth didn't necessarily need someone to relate to their problems or understand where they're coming from emotionally. They just needed someone to love them, and that my family had taught me very well how to do.

My family also gave me a strong foundation in Biblical living. They probably currently regret a little how well they taught me to follow His will for my life. ;p I dunno if He put us together as a family because we couldn't have handled life otherwise. Maybe He put me in that family because my "somewhat" strong personality would have led to my ruin in a less loving environment.

All I know is that they're the family that He gave to me and I'm eternally grateful for it. Thanks, Mommy and Daddy for supporting us in all the crazy things we've all done. Thanks for teaching us about the truly important things in life - God, family, country, and Star Wars/Trek. ;p But most of all, thanks for loving God, each other, and each of us so much!

Here's to another 35 years!

Your Wandering Daughter

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