Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Whiney Baby

Sorry about the whininess earlier. I was "slightly" disappointed that I didn't get to watch the launch live via the web...but after being hit over the head a few more times with the sledgehammer that is "it's not all about you," I'm doing a little bit better. You'd think that after leaving my old life almost a year and a half ago, I'd have given it all up by now...but obviously you'd be wrong. Instead of celebrating a flawless launch, I'm mad because I didn't get to see it as it was happening. I'm also a little mad because Bruce, my roommate's cat, got into the cabinet and chewed through half a package of pepperoni that my mom mailed over to me. Fortunately, he left the bacon bits alone, or we'd be having words.

Anyway, congrats to the MESSENGER Team for their hard work! I'm glad I got to be one of you, even for just a short time. I wish I were there with you celebrating, but apparently there is a reason for me to be here instead. Have a round of Shirley Temples on me (just remember, ginger ale, not Sprite) and save me a seat for STEREO and/or New Horizons! :)

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