Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Alan Keyes!!!

Ok, I'm not a big fan of folks like Mrs. Clinton who move to a state simply to run for office there...but at the same time, if I lived in Illinois and had the opportunity to vote for Alan Keyes as my US Senator, even though he's from Maryland and could continue to officially live there until as late as election day according to Illinois state law, I'd have a hard time _not_ voting for him! The man who never had a serious chance in MD (we're stuck with Babs and Paul until they die for no apparent reason) could maybe find a place where he could be heard and where he could get needed experience in the federal government prior to another run for the presidency, say in 2008 or 2012!!

Nothing at all against Ms. Barthwell, but I've been a Keyes fan for a long time and would like to see him get some more recognition on the national stage.

Anyway...back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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