Thursday, August 19, 2004


One of my mom's favorite sayings is, "of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." That seems to apply to me today. After my language lesson this morning, I was sitting, watching the Olympic coverage while eating lunch and I thought of something great to blog. I even thought through some of exactly what I was gonna say. But now, I can't even remember the general subject matter.

It might have had to do with the Iraqi boxer they interviewed (after he creamed some North Korean guy). He had to have been some version of a lightweight because he was tiny. He was sized so that normally I'd say that even _I_ could "take" him...but then again, he's also an Olympic boxer, so "maybe" he'd win. But still...he was like a little baby boxer. Anyway...he beat the socks off of a North Korean, and was being interviewed (in Arabic since this was the Kuwaiti sports channel) and I understood some of it! :) He was very happy and another word for very happy (one was the classical word and one was the local dialect word...not sure what the different connotations would be). Then he said something else about Iraq. Then he said that he hopes to win a medal for Iraq. (Iraqi word for medal? Medalia :) I'm learning a lot of the language from the sports coverage. It's kinda fun sometimes.

Iraq's soccer team played their third match last night. It didn't matter for Iraq because they'd won their previous two and had already gotten sufficient points to advance to the next round, but apparently it mattered to Morroco (their opponent). There were rumors that Iraq would put in its "B" team for the game, but I don't know the players to be able to tell you if that was the case. I was pretty disappointed though that Iraq lost the game. They got the first goal sometime in the second half, then Morroco scored soon after, then were given a penalty kick (or something - what I know about the rules of soccer could maybe fill a thimble. I know that you run back and forth chasing a ball that I always trip over, trying to kick it will accuracy (something else I was never able to do) into the net, other than that, I'm pretty well lost) and scored on that too. While I appreciate putting the second-string players in for a game that doesn't matter (so that they can say they played in the Olympics, etc.), I wish they'd played their best instead of letting the game go. In any case though, the Morrocan players didn't exactly look happy after the game either, so maybe they didn't score enough to advance which means that it was a wasted game all around.

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