Thursday, August 30, 2007

Break Through!

So there are no pictures yet (although not for lack of trying), but today AJ was extra fussy as we were driving back to VNB's aunt & uncle's house from the Atlanta Federal Reserve (we're visiting for the holiday weekend). So, being a mom, I stuck my finger in his mouth for him to gnaw on. To my surprise (and delight), he no longer had a smooth lower gum.

That's right, AJ has his first tooth! Ok...VNB is correcting me. He doesn't have a tooth yet - his tooth has broken through his gum. The waters have parted. Here's hoping that they continue to part so that his other bottom tooth comes in quickly because I'm really tired of only getting an hour of sleep at a time every night. It's been rough these last few weeks.

But in any case, our little man has taken his next 'first step' toward adulthood. And we're very proud and happy!

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