Thursday, August 23, 2007

Natural Progression Part II

So VNB was Nextelling us about something and AJ was, as usual, reaching for the phone to eat it and babble to his Dada, when to everyone's surprise, as he was babbling (and we were asking "Who's that?"), he actually _said_ "DaDa."

VNB heard it just as clearly as I did, so in our shock we asked AJ again who he was talking to, and again he clearly said "Dada."

...I just don't even know how to react. I mean, I have no problem with him saying "dada" first, and I'm ecstatic that VNB actually got to hear him _say_ it for the very first time...but his first word at 7.5 months? Good Lord, what have we gotten ourselves into?

We've got trouble and that starts with T, which rhymes with P, and that stands

(not quite as catchy as Harold Hill's version, but work with me)

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