Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Feline Fancy

Ok, so I've been trying for weeks now to get video of AJ crawling. I had somewhat forgotten/given up when I got an email from my FIL encouraging me to try again (something about actually wanting to _see_ his grandson crawling). So I did. This was the first result:

That obviously worked well. So I tried this (you know...if "go get it" doesn't work, try "fetch!"): saw the results. But I plodded on. And now you get to see the very first video of AJ crawling!!!! Yay, AJ!!!

But there were other things that needed to still be captured digitally. 1) he's completely over the "a-wah-wah-wah" sound. It's no fun at all anymore. Fun now? Screaming/squealing/shrieking. He does it especially when it's approaching nap/bed/eating time. 2) THE CAT. He's been noticing our sweet Monkey for a month or two now. When she'd walk by, he'd turn to look and would be completely distracted from whatever he'd been doing. Well, now he can follow her.

And I haven't figured the cat out yet. Is she too stupid to run away? So attention-starved that even the grabby, screamy little thing that keeps chasing her is better than nothing? So incredibly patient and smart that she recognizes that the screaming, grabby thing that keeps chasing her is a baby and will eventually treat her better, but for now is to be humored? Has such a sense of entitlement that she feels that the screamy, grabby thing that keeps chasing her should be made to stop so that she can enjoy the spot she's chosen for herself in peace?

I don't know. I wish I did. I think it might be interesting.


Anonymous said...

The videos are really cute! I especially liked the one with AJ and the cat interacting. :o)
Judy M.

Anonymous said...

I just had to watch the AJ and kitty video again. :o)

One time I saw a clip on AFV where a dog and a baby were lying on the floor. The dog rolled over, and then the baby did the same thing. The dog rolled the other direction, and the baby copied. It will be interesting to see if AJ learns some cute kitty tricks... as if he isn't cute enough already!